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A mathematical model for predicting tumor recurrence within 24 months following surgery in patients with T1 high-grade bladder cancer treated with BCG immunotherapy
Jacob Rubinstein, Tomer Bar-On, Zaher Bahouth, Roy Mano, Ohad Shoshany, Jack Baniel, Ofer Nativ, Sarel Halachmi
Bladder 2015 2(2):e18; Published online 2015-08-06
doi: 10.14440/bladder.2015.56
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Underactive bladder and detrusor underactivity represent different facets of volume hyposensitivity and not impaired contractility
Phillip P. Smith, Gerard Pregenzer, Andrew Galffy, George A. Kuchel
Bladder 2015 2(2):e17; Published online 2015-07-27
doi: 10.14440/bladder.2015.60
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Enhanced production of nitric oxide may contribute to the induction of detrusor underactivity in sucrose fed rats
Timothy B. Boone, Alvaro Munoz
Bladder 2015 2(2):e16; Published online 2015-07-20
doi: 10.14440/bladder.2015.50
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Characterization of the role of HCN channels in β3-adrenoceptor mediated rat bladder relaxation
Mahendra Kashyap, Naoki Yoshimura, Phillip P. Smith, Michael Chancellor, Pradeep Tyagi
Bladder 2015 2(2):e15; Published online 2015-07-17
doi: 10.14440/bladder.2015.44
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Catheter-based intraluminal optical coherence tomography: comparison with digital light microscopy of ureter wall morphometry in porcine specimens
Ulrike L Mueller-Lisse, Margit Bauer, Oliver A Meissner, Maximilian F Reiser, Christian G Stief, Ullrich G Mueller-Lisse
Bladder 2015 2(2):e12; Published online 2015-06-10
doi: 10.14440/bladder.2015.46
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Peri-operative mortality and long-term survival after partial versus radical cystectomy for muscle invasive bladder cancer
Alessandro Larcher, Maxine Sun, Jonas Schiffmann, Zhe Tian, Shahrokh F. Shariat, Michael McCormack, Fred Saad, Nicolò M. Buffi, Alberto Briganti, Giorgio Guazzoni, Francesco Montorsi, Pierre I. Karakiewicz
Bladder 2015 2(2):e14; Published online 2015-06-26
doi: 10.14440/bladder.2015.55
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Nocturia: an overview of evaluation and treatment
Ari M Bergman, Allison M Sih, Jeffrey P Weiss
Bladder 2015 2(2):e13; Published online 2015-06-10
doi: 10.14440/bladder.2015.42
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